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Message from the President

It is time for the world nuclear industry to begin a paradigm shift which will lead to innovation and growth simultaneously. We face the reality that dramatic reductions in the use of fossil fuel to solve global warming is not likely to happen, and a better option, nuclear energy, has been stagnant because of the stringent review of safety requirements since the Fukushima accident

However, without innovative alternative technologies for renewable energy sources, the role of nuclear energy cannot be ignored. It is, thus, important to accept the challenges and make changes for advances in nuclear power technology. Additionally, the nuclear power industry is in an urgent need for professionals equipped with both technical and managerial abilities. In response to this need, KINGS was established to nurture leadership-level nuclear power professionals.

As a specialized graduate school, differentiated from general graduate schools, KINGS offers a master’s degree program through an education system, which was designed to produce not nuclear scholars, but “nuclear professionals”. The KINGS education system is aimed to deliver “a balance between education and training”, “engineering and managerial skills in harmony”, and “the application of systems engineering to nuclear power projects”.  I believe that these requirements for an engineering education are general and allow us to adapt to constantly changing circumstances.

Nuclear power engineering is no longer an emerging technology but nearly a mature one. Most of the current issues are related to how to safely and economically put together the required technological elements and attributes for designing, building, and operating nuclear power systems. This is the reason why KINGS education has been steadily emphasizing the importance of the practical engineering leadership.  

Our faculty, staff, and I will make concentrated efforts to equip engineers of the nuclear power industries in Korea and other countries with global competencies. We will continue to increase the utility of KINGS graduates to the industry. We will continue to strive to improve the effectiveness of KINGS education through continuous communication with the nuclear industry and from feedback from students.

Oh Se-kee